In 2006, a couple of roads increased tremendously the accessibility to Manor. The roads included the first parts of a central Texas tollway system opened, which included State Highway 130 and State Highway 45. Walmart also opened its doors to Manor on the east side of town near the U.S. Highway 290 and FM 973. Safety and health improvements have also been created, a big example is the Manor Medical Center which broke ground in 2013.


Manor has also been the location for a number of movies, notably What's Eating Gilbert Grape starring Johnny Depp. The story centered on a developmentally disabled boy, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who regularly disrupted the town’s tranquility by climbing Manor’s old water tower. The tank, although no longer used, remains a landmark in the downtown district.

Manor was initially considered as the site for a new international airport to replace the overcrowded Robert Mueller Municipal Airport; however, several environmental lawsuits were brought by the Sierra Club and others, slowing development until an alternative was presented by the closing of Bergstrom Air Force Base further south. This facility was rebuilt into Austin-Bergstrom International Airport which opened in 1999.

The City of Manor was the first government agency in the United States to deploy a QR Code program to disseminate information to residents and tourists. There are currently 24 fixed mounted QR Code signs placed throughout Manor on various city landmarks and structures. Manor has agreements with more than a dozen other small companies for various high-tech services.

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