It's a rare event, selling a home. Hiring the right professional is the key to your success. 

I've included some of the most common questions asked by homeowners.

Questions to ask a real estate agent:

Is this your full-time job?
Like most professions, experience is no guarantee of skill. But much of real estate is learned on the job. Surprisingly, 95% of real estate agents with an active license sell real estate part-time. Imaging your agent trying to negotiate a deal while at his other job?

How many homes did you and your real estate brokerage sell last year?
This will touch on how much experience they have, and how up-to-date they are on the local market. *If they sold less than 24 homes last year, personally, or their company sold less than 400-500, I would recommend, continue the search!

How many days does it take you to sell a home? How does that compare to others?
The REALTOR® you interview should readily know their performance on hand and be able to present market statistics from their local MLS to provide a comparison.

What’s the average variation between your initial listing and final sales price?
This is one indication of a REALTOR®’s pricing and negotiating skills.

What specific marketing systems and approaches will you use to sell my home? 
Your agent should have an aggressive, innovative plan and understand how to market property online and offline. This should be a systematic checklist and presentation that is robust and very detailed.

What is the absorption rate for homes in my area and price range?

Critical question - This will help you understand how in-depth the agents knowledge is. This critical number can help you understand at what rate homes are appreciating or depreciating in your area. It's a sign of what's trending price wise, when you look into the future. Whereas, the traditional "CMA", only looks at historical data, which could cause you to leave money on the table when selling your home!

Can you recommend service providers who can help me obtain a mortgage, make home repairs, and so on?
Practitioners should be able to recommend more than one provider and let you know if they have any special relationship with any of the providers.

How will you keep me informed about the progress of my transaction?
A structured communication plan with weekly updates, showing feedback, and most importantly regular updates with marketing activities completed.

Could you please give me the contact information of your three most recent clients?
Ask their former customers if they would use the agent again in the future.

Christopher Watters